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You sit down in your comfiest chair, holding a cup of your yummiest drink, cover yourself with your snuggliest blanket, pick up your favourite book, and open it to be greeted by a familiar friend from nature saving your page. Ahh, perfection.

Magpie Bookmark

  • Time to toss out that scrap piece of paper, because saving your page just got a thousand times cozier. Beautifully illustrated with love, handmade with sturdy cardstock and front-laminated, this bookmark is  just what you need to make your reading time the most mindful and intentional part of your day. Snuggle up and feel the magic from the moment you open the pages to the moment you tuck them away.


    -Drawn and handmade with love

    -2 1/8"x6"

    -Thick, sturdy cardstock


    -Size may vary slightly due to the handmade nature

    -Colours may vary slightly from image due to different screen/viewing settings

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