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Meet Lauren

Hey, I'm Lauren! I'm a versatile artist who specializes in digital freehand stylized illustrations, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces of handmade art.

From foreign anime and video games to local animals and nature, my artistic interests are vast. These broad yet profound passions have allowed me to develop and expand my skills in ways unique to most artists.

Through the various themes in my art, I aim to inspire others to be creative, be ambitious, and be themselves, as well as to encourage everyone to appreciate and live in harmony with the myriad of creatures that share this planet with us.

I love learning new things and working with clients to create the perfect piece of art for their needs, and I'll always strive to share with you the best of my work and the best of me!

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Nature Girl Leaves.png

Expressive & Meaningful

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are the perfect way to capture a moment or remember a beloved companion, whether as a treat for yourself, or a gift for a friend.

I can either recreate a pose from a specific photo, or use photos as reference to create an entirely new pose and angle!


Headshot: starting at $65 CAD/$50 USD
• Full-body: starting at $
80 CAD/$60 USD

For non-pet requests, or requests that don't fit into headshot/full-body, contact me for a custom price!

Justin + Crobat by Lauren Kurmey sm.png

Dynamic & Compelling


Portraits to show off your personality
Original characters brought to life from only a description
MMO or game characters in fresh new scenarios
• You surrounded by your favourite Pokemon

The possibilities are endless to treat yourself or gift a friend something completely customized!

• Headshot: starting at $80 CAD/$62 USD
• Half-body: starting at $110 CAD/$85 USD
• Full-body: starting at $130 CAD/$100 USD

For non-character requests, or requests that don't fit into headshot/half-body/full-body, contact me for a custom price!

Inspiring & Whimsical

Picture Books

A  great story can become truly magnificent when it's accompanied by stunning artwork. Illustrations augment your narrative with vibrant colours and emotions, mesmerizing readers and bringing characters and landscapes to life.


My aim is to enhance your story's aesthetic and breathe life into your pages.

 Please contact me to discuss your unique needs and receive a custom quote.

400 Bee WC REMASTER sm.png
390 BH Mascot Front sm-2.png

Distinct & Captivating

Character Concept
& Design

Often used for promoting video games, films, books, and card & tabletop games, character art is one of the first things people see, and a great design garners interest and enthusiasm.

My aim is to create an exciting and lasting impression that shows off the personality, uniqueness, and aesthetic of your character and the world from which they hail.

Please contact me to discuss your unique needs and receive a custom quote.

Charming & Heartfelt

Greeting Cards &

The perfect illustration adds a personalized touch to any sentiment or special occasion, whether it's for a special message to a loved one, a private celebration, or your company's big event.
My aim is to create a delightful, poignant design tailored to your needs.

Please contact me to discuss your unique needs and receive a custom quote.

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453 Flicker sm.png


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